Watercolour Dots Rosa Curtain

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Everything important in a nutshell

  • high-quality and heavy, opaque velvet 510g/m²
  • choose between different lengths or custom size
  • choose between 1 or 2 pieces
  • handsewn by expert tailors in Berlin
  • with universal pleating tape for all types of curtain rods or rails
  • thermal and noise insulating, energy-saving
  • washable, no creases, dust repellent
Everything important in a nutshell

There are many advantages to these high-quality velvet curtains. They are opaque, thermally insulating, darkening and dust repellent. They also help to muffle outside noise, fit all curtain rods or rails and are washable. These qualities allow a variety of applications. Our decorative soft furnishing can help you to sleep better by darkening the room, to save energy by insulating banks of windows or to change up your living space by covering furniture. You can also use them as a portiere, room divider or additional noise insulation.


  • very heavy 510 g/m² curtain fabric, 100% polyester
  • width: 130 cm (per piece)
  • choose between different lengths
  • very densely woven
  • very soft short pile velvet (room-facing side)
  • with neutral, grey fine fleece side (facing the window)
  • strong seams, seamed edges, no frazzling
  • universal pleating tape with big loops for curtain rods and small loops for curtain rings and sliding hooks

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  • completely opaque
  • 70 – 99% darkening (degree of darkening effect varies depending on motif)
  • energy-saving and insulating against hot and cold temperatures
  • decreases outside noise
  • dust-repellent
  • even draping
  • can be washed, ironed and no creasing even after washing
  • for all curtain rods and rails

Print quality:

  • fibre deep dye-sublimation printing
  • intense and vivid colours
  • washable and UV resistant
  • Greenguard Gold certified ink
  • solvent-free and odourless
  • perfectly non-hazardous print, suitable for nurseries


  • made-to-order, no warehouse stored products
  • we only use necessary raw materials
  • we only use 100% green energy
  • the fabric we use is Oekotex 100 certified
  • CO₂ compensation for climate-neutral manufacturing
  • conform with REACH


  • wash at 30°C
  • iron at low temperatures
  • no dry-cleaning, no bleaching, wash separately
  • We do not recommend the use of a dryer and it is not necessary since the material is fast drying, however, at low temperatures it is generally possible.

Box contains:

  • 1/2 Curtain/ Curtains


  • The measurements can deviate by +/- 1cm, due to production reasons – You will receive a high-quality product made to measure and small deviations are not considered a quality defect
Carbon-neutral production
Carbon-neutral production: offsetting at least 144 tonnes of CO₂ emissions with a climate impact
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